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Study of the T-book Platform: Gamification of Learning

September 2023

Educational technologies, or EdTech, have opened up new avenues for learning, allowing students to access educational resources from around the world. But how can we make this online learning more engaging, motivating, and effective? Discover how we integrated gamification into the e-learning platform T-book.

# Case Study
# EdTech
# Gamification
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Digital Eco-Design: Make Your Website or Application Eco-Responsible to Meet CSR Requirements

August 2023

Between 3% and 4%: that's the share of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the global digital ecosystem. A figure that could double by 2025! By seeking to minimize the negative impact of digital technology on the environment, eco-design also aims to maintain optimal user experience and ensure greater competitiveness.

# Strategy
# Eco-Design
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