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01_ Why trust us?

With us, all of your contacts are multidisciplinary and our teams are experienced, providing informed and transparent communication. We respect our deadlines and budgets, and make our organization agile to design, build, and test more quickly, according to your priorities.

02_ What are our processes?

- We implement effective and understandable methods to carry out your projects: prioritization based on value (Agile method) and simplification of processes, use of visual management tools to facilitate collaborative work, measuring ROI

- Our teams are multidisciplinary and experienced, for more efficient communication and smarter products

- Our design is based on users: we explore the real needs and habits of users through workshops or testing, and then measure the expected gains to optimize their experience

- We offer a short production cycle, with the launch of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) where possible, to reduce lead times, meet budget constraints, and be responsive to competition.

03_ What is the cost of a project?

We listen to your needs and objectives and together determine the key elements of your project in order to propose tailored solutions that fit your budget, finding a balance between your expectations and constraints.
Our experience allows us to accurately estimate development costs, enabling us to avoid surprises and offer our clients a realistic and transparent budget plan.

We guarantee full transparency on the costs and timelines associated with each stage of the development process.

04_ What is the duration of a project?

We understand how crucial the speed of design and production is for the success of your project. We offer a detailed and realistic planning, tailored to your objectives. We respect our commitments and leave no room for surprises.
Depending on your project, we can suggest launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for reduced timelines and more reactivity to competitive pressures.

Let us know about your timeline!

05_ What is eco-design?

Web eco-design is a responsible approach aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of creating and using internet sites or platforms. This practice involves adopting strategies to reduce energy consumption, including optimizing technical performance and reducing file size. It also involves taking into account the environmental impact of servers and equipment used to host the product. Web eco-design can thus help limit greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption associated with internet use.

We integrate eco-design practices into the realization of your projects in order to minimize their environmental footprint, and this represents a direct advantage for you: reduced hosting costs, smoother navigation, and optimized user experience.

Choose a green project.

06_ What are our availability in case of emergency?

We are aware of the loss caused by a malfunction and the urgency it represents for you. That's why you have direct contact with your dedicated interlocutor and can reach them 7 days a week.

We commit to a response within hours, and an intervention within 4 hours for emergencies and within 48 hours for minor bugs.

07_ Tight budget? Launch your MVP

Launching a minimum viable product (MVP) can be an excellent option for businesses with a limited budget or in a highly competitive sector. An MVP is an initial and simplified version of a product that allows for quickly launching a project and gathering user feedback before developing a more complete version.

We accompany you in setting up an MVP strategy by identifying the key features of your project and proposing an optimized solution for a rapid production release. This approach will allow you to reduce development time, limit financial risks, and take advantage of user feedback adjustments, thus maximizing your return on investment.

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