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Eiffel Investment Group is an alternative investor and asset manager, specializing in credit and equity. They disintermediate the financing of the economy.

Espace privé sécurisé

Gestion, Institutionnel, PME, Confiance, Expertise

Design, Dev web, Graphs interactifs, Espace sécurisé

HTML, JS, Php, Photoshop, Sketch, Amcharts


The project

Creation of the Eiffel IG website.

Creation of the website and its back-office

Creation and design of the website, web and mobile versions, and development of a customized administration tool, with upload of Net Asset Values (NAV), management of dynamic data, interactive charts, news and newsletter management.

Target audience: wealth managers, institutional and individual clients,
User experience: the website must appeal to both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - dynamic, responsible investment, modernity, proximity - and large institutions - seriousness, professionalism, stability. Presentation of different investment strategies.

Data management and administration tool

Charts: creation of customized dynamic charts for each fund, including various options: with or without benchmarks, possibility to zoom in on a selected period, etc.
Data: Calculation of performance and volatility for each fund, and for different periods,
Borrower space: Development of a borrower space, with the possibility to submit a project,
Private space: Development of a private space for institutional clients with dynamic charts,
Documents: Compliance with regulatory/statutory constraints and presentation of due/expected information on the funds,
Blog: Development of a custom blog and its administration tool for publishing news,
Back-office: Creation of a customized, ergonomic and easy-to-use administration tool to update website data by Eiffel IG teams: NAV - Create, modify or delete strategies - Management of applications - Administration of the private space - Updating news.

UI / UX Design
Dév web & mobile
Back office
Courbes dynamiques
Gestion des valeurs financières
Espace privé sécurisé

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