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Development of the website for Nu Smoothie, a company specialized in the production and sale of healthy, 100% natural smoothies Made in France.


Nature, Bien-être, Vente, Fruits, Dynamique

Design, Back Office, Blog, Multi-Langues

Photoshop, Sketch, HTML/CSS, JS, Sass, Php


The project

Creation of the Nu Smoothie website

Create an attractive and modern showcase to present Nu Smoothie's products and philosophy

Website objective: To present all Nu Smoothie's products to consumers, detailing their ingredients and benefits, as well as the manufacturing process. Incorporate the consumption of these products into a healthy lifestyle philosophy through the blog and recipes. Align with the competition in the smoothie market, while emphasizing the natural and delicious aspect of Nu Smoothie's products.
User experience (UX): modern and bright design, appetizing, sparkling, fruity. Work around images and fruits.

Other services

Creation and editing of images,
Creation of a tailor-made blog and its administration tool,
Multi-language site,
Development of a custom administration tool allowing to: modify texts and images - create, modify or delete products - update the blog.

UI / UX Design
Dév web & mobile
Back office
Création d'images

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