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T-book is an innovative learning platform, used by hundreds of thousands of learners, designed for a pedagogy of encouragement and support, and allowing for the deployment of certifying training courses.

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The project

Development of the e-learning platform T-book

Platform Description:

T-Book is an innovative project of a Learning Management System (LMS) platform aimed at revolutionizing online learning. The T-Book platform focuses on student support, offering numerous features to meet various educational needs. T-Book supports different teaching modalities such as in-person classes, virtual classrooms, video courses, case studies, assignments, assessments, and coaching. T-Book provides dedicated interfaces for each user type, ranging from administrators to learners, tutors, and instructors.


To offer learners a unique and customizable learning environment, bringing together the best in pedagogy, and providing schools and businesses with an ergonomic platform that allows them to easily integrate the content of their training, while following the progress of their learners.

Tools used:

Real-time virtual class - Interactive educational content - Tbook VR virtual reality - Innovative tailor-made tests - Social Learning - Artificial intelligence for adaptive learning - Educertif distance certification - Patented educational licenses

Our EdTech Expertise:

Our digital agency specializes in the creation and development of EdTech tools and platforms. For nearly 10 years, we have been collaborating with companies, schools, and training organizations, offering them innovative solutions tailored to their needs. If you would like to learn more, visit our dedicated education page.

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