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In a context of strong digital evolution, large companies are facing a transformation of their competitive environment and the expectations of their customers. We consider this transformation as an opportunity for development, and work with our clients to accompany them in this transition.

We regularly work with TGE and ETI. We have acquired a deep understanding of how their IS works and are able to support them in their projects while respecting current norms and standards. This experience enables us to quickly and efficiently respond to their needs in software development, while guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of their data.

We work with the latest technologies, including distributed architectures, containers, and deployment tools, which are often used in large companies. We are also able to adapt our work methods to the specific development processes of each company, which allows for easier integration and more effective collaboration.

When relevant, we build our applications following the Twelve-Factor App methodology. This methodology is a set of best practices for designing and developing software as services. It covers twelve key aspects of designing an application, such as configuration management, dependency management, and logging. This methodology enables companies and their developers to create robust, scalable, and easy-to-operate applications that can easily evolve according to their needs. We thus guarantee our clients a superior quality solution that meets their needs.

Finally, we integrate eco-design practices in the realization of your projects, minimizing their environmental footprint. In addition to making your project green, this represents a direct advantage for you: reduced hosting costs, smoother navigation, and optimized user experience.

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