Our expertise in Education Technologies

Offer an accessible, interactive, and effective learning experience to your learners.

Our know-how

Already hundreds of thousands of learners on our EdTech platforms and solutions

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We have developed several online training platforms, including one of the major players in the market, used by hundreds of thousands of learners and adopted by hundreds of schools and companies (mostly TGE and ETI).

Our technical and strategic expertise, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the constraints of the sector, allow us to quickly develop powerful and intuitive educational applications and platforms that generate strong user engagement.

We integrate a wide range of customized features into our platforms to meet all of our clients' needs:

01_ Pedagogical methods of all types

Quizzes, virtual classroom, online courses, case studies, collaborative work, assessments, coaching...

02_ Interfaces for all roles

Administrator, pedagogical manager, trainer, tutor, learner...

03_ Automation of deployments, tracking, and reminders

A considerable time-saving for program directors, and algorithmic support that doesn't leave anyone behind

04_ Pedagogical statistics & KPI

Detailed and targeted statistics according to the profile - results, time spent, completion, progression, answer details, etc.

05_ Distance certification

Making the online courses of our platforms certifiable

06_ Possibility of a social component

Secure and controlled, for a pedagogy of encouragement and collaboration between peers

07_ Interconnection and interoperability of learning tools (LTI)

Connection between platforms and integration of a wide variety of external tools, contents and activities

Contact us ?

If you want to develop a pedagogical application or add new features to an existing platform, we are here to accompany you and answer your questions. Our team of passionate and experienced professionals is at your disposal to create a dynamic and engaging online learning experience that meets the needs of your target audience.

With adaptive learning, optimize your learners' learning experience

We integrate adaptive learning into our platforms for maximum learning efficiency.

Adaptive learning is a personalized teaching method that adapts to the needs and preferences of each learner. It is based on the use of technology to provide individualized learning content and assessments tailored to the learner's skills.

The functioning of adaptive learning is based on continuous analysis of the learner's learning data. The collected information is used to adjust the content, difficulty level, learning pace, and activities offered. The learner thus receives what he/she needs when he/she needs it.

Adaptive learning allows learners to work at their own pace, without feeling rushed or bored by activities that are too easy or too difficult, and also offers teachers the opportunity to better track the progress of each learner and provide more accurate and individualized feedback.

This method represents a time and cost savings associated with training, as it represents a more effective use of learning resources.