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Finance and Asset Management Companies: Discover how our agency can take charge of your digital strategy.

Our expertise

Over 30 asset management company websites under our belt

With nearly thirty websites developed, our expertise in finance and wealth management allows us to offer you tailored solutions: an aesthetic and professional website with a custom administration tool, data automation tools, and digitalization of your processes. We leverage our experience to serve your company. Benefit from our know-how in eco-design to reduce the environmental impact of your site and provide an optimal customer experience.
By working with us, you will enjoy transparent collaboration, controlled costs, and a fast production process to quickly reach your goals.

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01_Why consider redesigning your finance website?

We create a professional and distinctive website for you, leveraging your specificities to convey a positive image of your company while inspiring confidence in your clients and partners.

Gain visibility and reputation by opting for an attractive, modern, and fully responsive website. This will project a professional and advantageous image of your company. Thanks to our optimized coding practices and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will increase visibility compared to your competitors.

Attract new clients / investors and retain them through an improved user experience and direct, clear access to information, tailored to the profile of each user, whether they are a CGP, institutional client, individual, investor, or partner. Studies show that an ergonomic and optimized website can lead to up to 40% higher user retention compared to a non-optimized site.

02_What are the advantages of choosing a Digital Agency specialized in the Finance sector?

By working with us, you will benefit from transparent collaboration, controlled costs, and a fast production process to quickly reach your goals.

I_ A custom administration tool that is very easy to use

We understand that you need to update your Net Asset Values (NAV) daily and your regulatory documents regularly, and we also understand that you want to do it very simply.
When we create your website, we consider all the details to allow you to evolve it effortlessly and with minimal learning time. We create simple and customized administration tools, using innovative and efficient information systems, which can be based on a CMS like WordPress, with custom and adapted module creation, or entirely developed "From Scratch" for you.
Your administration tool will allow you, among other things, to easily manage texts, NAVs, assets under management, performances, documents, funds, articles, etc.

II_ Tools that will save you time

We are familiar with the challenges faced by asset management companies and their teams, and we use our experience to simplify your life.

Data tools: We can fetch your NAVs from the source and adapt to your formats. We automatically calculate your performances and create dynamic and aesthetic charts. You will be able to upload your documents and communication materials, whether they are public or private, securely and classified.

Digitalization of processes and task automation: We work with you to simplify and digitize all processes that can be digitized, allowing your teams to focus on their core business, wealth management.

III_ Secure spaces for your clients and managers

When designing your asset management website, we attach paramount importance to the security and confidentiality of the exchanged information. That's why we create secure spaces and partitioned data rooms for you, ensuring confident communication with your clients, managers, and partners.

These secure spaces are designed to protect sensitive and confidential data, ensuring the total integrity of shared information. Only authorized persons have access to these spaces, which reinforces the trust of your clients and partners in your asset management practices. You can easily share key information, collaborate effectively on investment projects, and provide customized reports to your clients securely.

03_Eco-Design to Align with Your Investments

Are you investing in green energies or involved in sustainable development? Discover the advantages of an eco-designed website:

Reduced environmental impact: An eco-designed website is optimized for increased energy efficiency. This means it consumes fewer resources in terms of servers, bandwidth, and electricity, reducing its carbon footprint. This approach promotes a more responsible use of digital resources and contributes to the overall reduction of environmental impact.

Enhanced customer experience: Eco-design improves the user experience by creating a faster, more responsive, and intuitive website. Shorter loading times and smooth navigation increase visitor satisfaction, encouraging them to stay longer on the site and return regularly. This can also lead to a higher conversion rate for customers interested in green energy investments.

Stand out from your competitors: Committing to eco-design strengthens the company's image of environmental responsibility and demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practices. By designing the site ecologically, the company sends a positive message to its clients, partners, and investors, showing that it is genuinely engaged in the fight against climate change.

04_Our Expertise in Finance and Wealth Management

With nearly thirty asset management websites already developed, we have gained in-depth knowledge of your specific priorities and challenges. Our proven experience in creating websites and tools dedicated to finance and wealth management enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Your main contact at our agency, who has studied finance and worked in private banking in asset management, possesses a privileged perspective on your industry. This expertise gives us a distinct advantage and allows us to offer services that are even more effective and tailored to your area of expertise. Working with our team ensures a collaborative relationship built on trust, with the assurance of quickly achieving your objectives.

05_Time & Budget

We listen to your needs and objectives and work together to determine the key elements of your project in order to propose tailored solutions that fit your budget, finding a balance between your expectations and constraints.
Our experience allows us to accurately estimate development costs. Thus, we can avoid any unforeseen circumstances and present you with a realistic and transparent budget planning. We also understand how crucial the speed of design and production can be for your communication strategy.

We guarantee full transparency regarding the costs and timelines associated with each stage of the development process.

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